Infrared Sauna

This modern version of a traditional sauna, which is used infrared radiation. The emitted infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and warms the body from the inside. Dilate blood vessels, it stimulates the microcirculation of blood and increases blood circulation. Regular use of the sauna reduces rheumatic pains, muscle trauma, cramps and muscle tension. Furthermore, the use of Infrared saunas increases immunity, because the immune system is activated. Session (approx. 30 minutes) in the infrared cabin brings physical relaxation – relaxes the muscles and mental – calming, improves mood, gets rid of stress. Regular sessions  are effective in supporting weight loss by stimulating metabolism and processes of removing toxins from the body. The skin is cleansed and becomes  soft, firm and elastic. The sauna that can be used by people of all ages, including hypertension, heart disease – the session it is not pushing the body as it acts in a gentle way, but with high efficiency.